Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Let's Go Mets... AT THE MOVIES!

Since this is first and foremost a movie blog, and, apparently, a Mets blog second, I must take a few minutes to discuss the awesomeness that is METS AT THE MOVIES. Every now and then when the Mets are on the road, they show the game on the big screen at a NYC movie theatre. Tonight's game against the Orioles was shown at the legendary Ziegfeld, and it was a great time. I mean, really, what could be better than watching a baseball game, which I love... in a movie theatre, which I love? And since we were watching the SNY broadcast, it was like some kind of wild fantasy combination of being at the ballpark, a movie theatre AND my living room at the same time! They have clearly discovered the formula for heaven on earth. Unfortunately, the Mets lost tonight -- but no matter -- here are just a few reasons why METS AT THE MOVIES is truly amazin':

IT'S HUGE -- It probably goes without saying that the big screen -- especially one as vast as the one at the Ziegfeld -- is a great way to watch a game. Pristine HD picture & sound quality, and they provide all the comforts of home, including between-inning crowd interaction, giveaways, the national anthem, the 7th inning stretch, Mr. Met and the Pepsi Party Patrol, etc. The Ziegfeld was a particularly good location, not just because of huge screen, but because it's a huge theatre overall. There were a LOT of people there, and the whole night had a distinct ballpark feel. They have apparently held the event at other theatres in the past, but hopefully they'll stick with the Ziegfeld from now on.

BETTER CHANCES FOR FREE STUFF -- I've been going to Mets games at Shea and Citi Field since 1985. Probably have attended hundreds of games in my life. And never once have I EVER won anything or gotten anything for free (not counting promotional giveaways). Not a t-shirt shot out of a cannon, not a Bubba Burger, not a gift certificate to Uncle Jack's Steakhouse, not even something stupid like a visor... nothing, in 24 years. But tonight, I got a free t-shirt from the Pepsi Party Patrol AND a magnetic schedule! YES!

APPEARANCES FROM METS LEGENDS -- Tonight, we were visited by '86 Met (and current SNY analyst) Bobby Ojeda, as well as '69 legends Ed Kranepool and Buddy Harrelson! They were there to answer questions and provide commentary, which was pretty cool. On the top of that, we were joined by current legends Mr. Met, Cowbell Man, and none other than Alex Anthony, the voice of the PA system at Mets games for some years now. Funny, he looked nothing like I thought he would... but that voice is unmistakable!

MORE METS REFERENCES THAN AT CITI FIELD -- The lack of Mets references at Citi Field is a subject for a whole other blog, but they got it right at the movies. Mets logos everywhere, old school chants, the aforementioned Mets legends, and even a singalong of "Meet the Mets!" The fact that they don't play "Meet the Mets" at Citi Field is a huge sore spot for me.... so I marked out bigtime when they piped it into the Ziegfeld!

IT'S CHEAPER THAN GOING TO THE BALLPARK -- Only $12 to get in... which, come to think of it, is also cheaper than a regular MOVIE these days, since most Manhattan theatres now charge $12.50. Throw in all the free stuff, and you are getting some major bang for your buck!

And most of all... IT'S FUN AS HELL! That's the bottom line, and I highly recommend this experience to all Mets fans next time they do it. I will surely be there, so perhaps I'll see ya!

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