Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Week’s Worth of HARRY POTTER Tweets


So, I re-watched HARRY POTTER 1 thru 7.1 this past week and live-tweeted the whole shebang. If for some silly reason you don’t follow me on Twitter (screen name: @benlikesmovies), here’s what I had to say:


Okay, time to re-watch all the #HarryPotter films in preparation for HP7.2! Tonight: SORCERER'S STONE and CHAMBER OF SECRETS!

Thoughts about where Williams' main #HarryPotter theme ranks among his most memorable? Pretty high, I'd say. STAR WARS, JAWS, INDY, POTTER?

"His name is V... V....." "Maybe if you wrote it down?" "Naw, I can't spell it." Hagrid rules. #SorcerersStone

Little Ginny wishing little Harry good luck as he attempts to cross over to platform 9 3/4... awwww. #SorcerersStone

Love #SorcerersStone because every first appearance of a character, location, event & item is appropriately awe-inspiring & geek-out-worthy.

"Once you get hold of your broom, I want you to mount it, grip it tight - don't want to slide off the end." The #Potter porno writes itself!

The #LOTR trolls would kick the #HarryPotter trolls' asses.

Remember when House Points were, like, a big deal? Life was so much simpler then.... #HarryPotter #SorcerersStone

Harry seeing his parents in the Mirror of Erised makes me think of a scene that better be in HP7.2 and oh man... verklempt. #SorcerersStone

"As long as Dumbledore is around, you can't be touched." That's some eerie foreshadowing. #SorcerersStone

If George Lucas had directed #SorcerersStone, he would have gone back and CGI'ed Ralph Fiennes' face on the back of Quirrell's head.

I'm a fan of Gambon's Dumbledore, but gotta wonder how it would have been if the great Richard Harris hadn't died after #2.... #HarryPotter


Heroic Dobby in HP7.1 > Annoying Dobby in #ChamberofSecrets > Jar-Jar Binks. #harrypotter #starwars

"Scared, Potter?" "You wish." Potter vs. Malfoy, round one... FIGHT! #ChamberofSecrets

Hilarious how Malfoy spits the word "Potter" with such disdain every time he says it. Felton plays a damn good scumbag in #ChamberofSecrets.

Man... first she's called a Mudblood, then turned into a cat, THEN petrified. Hermione can't catch a break in #ChamberofSecrets.

This whole business with the spiders is arguably the worst bit of the entire series. Yea/nay? #ChamberofSecrets #HarryPotter

#ChamberofSecrets remains the weakest installment, but it's much more interesting now that we know what we know about things & stuff....

Hehe, the end of #ChamberofSecrets is sooooo cheesy. "It's not Hogwarts without you, Hagrid." And then Dumbledore with the slow clap! Gawd!


From the whimsical opening shot of #PrisonerofAzkaban, you can tell it's gonna be a different breed of Potter film. Cuaron raised the bar!

John Williams' #PrisonerofAzkaban score is the best of the series. Dig Desplat's HP7.1, too, but wish Williams had come back for the finale.

Love the cutaway shot of the bird flying into the Whomping Willow. Little bits like that were missing from the first two. #PrisonerofAzkaban

Scarier black hooded enemy: Dementors or Ringwraiths? GO! #HarryPotter #LOTR

"I solemnly swear that I am up to no good." #PrisonerofAzkaban

The dramatic shot of Harry, Hermione & Ron hugging after Buckbeak is executed? The #Potter Porno crowd must love that.... #PrisonerofAzkaban

Why couldn't Lupin & Sirius just immediately tell Harry, Ron & Hermione the truth, rather than act so vague and ominous? #PrisonerofAzkaban

Most sniveling misguided henchman: Wormtail or Wormtongue? GO! #HarryPotter #LOTR

The whole Time-Turner thing is kind of a cheap plot device, but somehow it works. #PrisonerofAzkaban

Gambon def. captures Dumbledore's mischievous side more than Harris did. "I'd like a nice cup of tea, or a large brandy." #PrisonerofAzkaban

So Hermione was incapacitated at the end of #ChamberofSecrets, and in #PrisonerofAzkaban Ron is out of commission. I see what JK did there.


Hogwarts... Beauxbatons... Durmstrang... what, the American School of Witchcraft & Wizardry wasn't invited?? #GobletofFire

Moody showing the kids the Unforgivable curses..... so creepy. #GobletofFire

Cedric Diggory would kick Edward Cullen's sparkly ass. #GobletofFire #HarryPotter #Twilight

Years from now, long after JK and all of us are dead, someone will reboot Harry Potter, American-style. Then the world will end.

Harry & Ron's lovers' spats are so silly! #GobletofFire

Only problem with Hermione's appearance at the ball: She's ALWAYS been cute in the films. It's that SHE'S ALL THAT syndrome. #GobletofFire

I'm not sure how it would have worked, but Harry totally should've hooked up with Moaning Myrtle in the tub. She's a minx! #GobletofFire

That tongue-flicking thing that Barty Crouch Jr. does kinda freaks me out. #GobletofFire

OH MAN, THE GRAVEYARD SCENE. This is when shit gets real. #GobletofFire

"Kill the spare!" Harsh. #GobletofFire

Voldemort is the dark lord of monologuing. #GobletofFire

Anytime Harry sees his parents, I get verklempt. #GobletofFire


Fun fact: #OrderofthePhoenix is the Potter film I've seen the most times on the big screen (3).

#OrderofthePhoenix contains my favorite Potter opening scene, with Dudley being particularly cruel and the Dementor attack. Stark & eerie.

Most grossly underused character: Tonks. Not even a single "Wotcher, Harry!" She's like the Darth Maul of this series. #OrderofthePhoenix

Love me some Luna Lovegood! #OrderofthePhoenix

I must not tell lies: In many ways, Umbridge is scarier than Voldemort. Yikes. #OrderofthePhoenix

Harry's speech to the potential recruits for Dumbledore's Army may be Radcliffe's best acting moment in the series. #OrderofthePhoenix

Best training montage: Rocky, the Karate Kid or Dumbledore's Army in #OrderofthePhoenix? It's a tough call!

Quick/subtle Ginny reaction shots every time Harry pays attention to Cho Chang... good stuff. #OrderofthePhoenix

Bellatrix licking her Dark Mark is one the best/creepiest/most strangely arousing character introductions. #OrderofthePhoenix

"You seem be to laboring under the delusion that I am going to -- what was the phrase? -- come quietly." GO ALBUS. #OrderofthePhoenix

Minor quibble, but I could've done without the Grawp business. Pretty bad CGI, too. #OrderofthePhoenix

Harry invading Snape's mind reminds me that I can't wait for the Prince's tale in HP7.2. But I'm getting ahead of myself. #OrderofthePhoenix

W! #OrderofthePhoenix

Dumbledore's Army vs. Death Eaters! FIGHT! #OrderofthePhoenix

The part where all the prophecies fall and shatter was one of the better big screen 3D moments. #OrderofthePhoenix

"Get away from my Godson!" Order of the Phoenix vs. Death Eaters! FIGHT! #OrderofthePhoenix

:( ..... #OrderofthePhoenix


I'd totally watch #OrderofthePhoenix again right now. Could be my favorite depending upon my mood, time of day or alignment of stars.


My body picked a really bad time to get sick. No HP7.2 midnight show for me tomorrow. Devastating.

Still gonna watch HALF-BLOOD PRINCE tonight, though, starting............................ now.

Wonder what Harry's plan was with the chick from the cafe? Not like he could've brought her back to the Dursleys' house. #HalfBloodPrince

Ron on what Malfoy might have been doing in Borgin & Burkes: "It's a creepy shop... he's a creepy bloke." Hehe. #HalfBloodPrince

Ginny on Harry: "He's covered in blood again. Why is he always covered in blood?" #HalfBloodPrince is really rockin' the good one-liners.

Hooray to #HalfBloodPrince for bringing back the old joke of every potion/spell blowing up in Seamus' face!

A little Japanese horror influence when Katie is cursed and gets flung into the air. Creepy. #HalfBloodPrince

Man, that Potter vs. Malfoy practice duel in #ChamberofSecrets seems like a long time ago. Sectumsempra is no joke. #HalfBloodPrince

I get chills when Tom Riddle first mentions the word "horcrux." #HalfBloodPrince

Dumbledore wielding the whirlwind of fire against the Inferi is one of the great visual moments in the series. GO ALBUS! #HalfBloodPrince

"Severus... please." #HalfBloodPrince

People question why Harry would stand there watching & not help. It's obvious: Dumbledore said, "Trust me," and Harry did. #HalfBloodPrince

Many people don't like #HalfBloodPrince because they made some extreme/questionable narrative changes... but I think it works.


Even though I've sold/returned all my HP7.2 tix, it hasn't completely sunk in yet that I will not be seeing it at midnight tonight....

Wolf whistle at bare-backed Ginny Weasley! #DeathlyHallowsPt1

"The Ministry has fallen. The Minister of Magic is dead. They are coming... they are coming." DUDE. #DeathlyHallowsPt1

Neville mouthing off to the Death Eaters on the Hogwarts Express reminds me that HE IS GOING TO KICK SO MUCH ASS IN HP7.2 #DeathlyHallowsPt1

Ja wohl, mein Umbridge! So... fucking... evil. #DeathlyHallowsPt1

A magical trinket on a chain that has an adverse effect on the person wearing it... where have I seen this before?? #DeathlyHallowsPt1 #LOTR

Love Harry & Hermione's dance. Perfect example of how not being too slavish to the book can be very good if done right. #DeathlyHallowsPt1

The crazy scene where Ron destroys the locket adds more depth to his character than the previous six films combined. #DeathlyHallowsPt1

Anyone else wanna see a spinoff short film chronicling Ron's adventures after he ditched Harry & Hermione? That'd rule. #DeathlyHallowsPt1

Animated Tale of the 3 Brothers sequence is brilliant. If Columbus had directed #DeathlyHallowsPt1, he would've just shown Hermione reading.

"Dobby is here to rescue Harry Potter, of course. Dobby will always be there for Harry Potter!" Oh man. #DeathlyHallowsPt1

Man, how can a character that kinda sucked five movies ago be so fucking awesome now, at the end? Yes, I'm crying. Again. #DeathlyHallowsPt1

#DeathlyHallowsPt1 is so freaking good. Now I SHOULD be heading to the Ziegfeld theatre for HP7.2... but no. God, this sucks.

Wow, that kind of ended on a low note, huh? Well, yes, it is true -- I got sick and thus am not seeing HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS: PART 2 at midnight tonight even though I had scored sweet, perfectly-centered seats at the Ziegfeld Theatre. This fact is probably making me feel more sick than whatever is making me sick... but what can you do. I will probably end up seeing it sometime this weekend whether I feel better or not... no way I’ll be able to hold out for long. God, I love these movies, and watching them all together like this just makes them that much better -- it’s truly one of the great cinematic achievements of our time. So psyched for the grand finale!

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