Thursday, July 16, 2009

Livin' on the Air in Cincinnati

We have arrived in Cincinnati! The drive from Pittsburgh was mostly pleasant, filled with NES emulation (with authentic USB controllers!), crossword puzzles and the like. We did, however, nearly get killed when a large plastic tub came flying off the back of a truck driving in front of us --fortunately, Isaac was able to wildly swerve the van out of the way and we made it past unscathed (though Jay's cup of sunflower seed shells did fly out of his hands and scatter everywhere... ew.) We then stopped at a Country Kitchen where we grabbed some grub & midwestern hospitality and watched an informercial for a "child behavior modification" program that included such topics as, "How to Fix Your Child in Less Than 60 Seconds." (Get your free trial at!).

Now we are chillin' in our hotel, which is actually located across the river, about a 15-minute walk from the Great American Ballpark, in Covington, Kentucky (my first time in the great state of Kentucky!). The weather is sunny and hot, which bodes well for tonight's ballgame -- but right now, we've got the a/c blasting and a cooler full of beer, and life is good. More later!

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