Thursday, July 16, 2009

We're in Pittsburgh.

Hello from Pittsburgh. We've been here before -- two years ago, in fact, when we came to see Pirates baseball, ate at a scary diner, bought 99-cent CD's at a cool record shop. This time, we are simply here for a Pitt-stop (I just can't help myself) -- but what a Pitt stop it has been!

Shortly after our arrival at our friend Matt's house, we set out again and hit up Primanti Bros., a famous (and oft-suggested) sandwich place, and got-damn, it was good. I had the jumbo fish & cheese sandwich, which was basically a massive pile of fish, cheese, tomatoes, slaw and fries in between two pieces of bread. It was huge and delicious. The sandwich was washed down with a good ol' Iron City brew, and after five-plus hours on the road, that totally hit the spot. Afterwards, we decided to go out for a nightcap at Hough's, a bar around the corner from Matt's place. Chill place, vast beer selection -- a good time was had by all.

Now I'm sitting on an Aero Bed in the attic, surrounded by walls of CD's and books, listening to the whirr of the fan which has made the temperature more bearable. (Damn hot air rising all the time!) Should probably hit the hay soon because we have to be up bright and early tomorrow. Cincinnati -- and BASEBALL -- beckons!


  1. I'm still pissed we didn't hit Primanti Bros. last time.

  2. Are there bathrooms in Pittsburgh?